About Us

All pedals made at Normac are made entirely by hand, and each is completely unique! They are all made by one guy, Norm MacDonald.

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What makes these pedals so unique is that I paint the enclosures with spray paint, layering different colours. Once that’s dried and cured, I sand away areas of the paint to reveal a layering effect, mixed with bare aluminum. Graphics are then added on top of that to bring it all together, and reveal an awesome look that is all your own!

The circuits are also all painstakingly made by hand too! They are made with a careful selection of high quality components to ensure that you get that tone that you’ve been searching for! The circuits are also tested over long periods of time, to ensure that they sound just the way that they are intended!

Because of the labour intensity of this process Normac pedals are made in small batches, made to order, and shipped to you as soon as they are ready!

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If you are looking for anything special that is not currently available, feel free to hit me up. I can always be reached through DM on Instagram @normac.pedals