• Yeah, this thing is a beast! Norm has some magic in this box here. This fungus will make you hear the colors and see the sounds! Absolutely great sounding fuzz, from subtle almost overdriven sounds to melt your face off fuzz. Lots of volume on tap here! If things get unruly for you just grab that bias and choke the signal out. Great for making splatty, broken speaker fuzz. The Spectrum knob is a very handy tone control that helps you sit perfectly in the mix.


  • I am about a month in with my Fungi Fuzz (v2+) and I couldn't be happier! This is a fantastic pedal, and it plays well with others too!

    I mostly play indie music and ambient, and it fills both of those roles flawlessly. Power chords and leads really shine when this is on, and it sounds great as a part of a swelling pad (when reverb, chorus, delay, and volume pedal are added to the mix).


  • Forever my Go-To Pedal!

    What can I say other than WOW! This pedal is the Holy Grail of my collection. This pedal is worth every penny! I bought this pedal January of 2019 and use it on everything! From a wide range of tones/effects it's impossible to find something that comes close to this pedal! Norm puts his heart and soul into everything he creates and stands proudly by his work. I will definitely be buying more! Thank you Normac Pedals!!


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