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Fungi Fuzz v2 +

Fungi Fuzz v2 +

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The Fungi Fuzz v2 + is a 4 knob circuit with an external bias control that allows you to choke the signal to make it sputter. It also has a special "Spectrum" control that goes beyond the regular tone control. This "+" version also comes with an additional analog octave up feature to add some extra splatter to the tone! It's based off of the classic Dan Armstrong - Green Ringer. 

With sputter and splatter sounds like this, I asked myself what more could you want in an octave fuzz? And it came to me! Add in an awesome, unique paint job to really make it shine on any pedalboard, or even by itself!

All pedals come with a full warranty for the life of the pedal, and if you're ever not completely satisfied your purchase can be refunded up to 60 days after delivery!

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